We are building the best sales development company in the world.

Technology-enabled live lead generation services bring transparency and accountability to the revenue generation process for OEM and distributor sales and marketing teams and their reseller partners.

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Our Past

With five employees, eCoast was founded in Portsmouth, NH in 2000 as an outsourced demand generation vendor focused specifically on the networking industry. The company consistently expanded its client base and led the industry by continuously introducing innovative new marketing, sales, and channel programs like the CallBlitz.

In 2009, eCoast was acquired by the Maryland-based equity partners Slate Capital Group and New Markets Venture Partners. They saw significant value in the company’s steady growth, extensive blue-chip technology clients, and positioning within the industry as the premier provider of high-value outsourced live lead generation programs.


Our Present

Now, a leader in sales development services, our team includes certified sales specialists in Networking, Unified Communications, Data Storage/Virtualization, Security, Managed Services, and various software solutions.

We have successfully executed thousands of revenue generation programs for more than 3,000 resellers and nearly 100 leading manufacturers and top industry distributors. eCoast also provides concierge services for channel partners and is known for designing customized demand generation and marketing campaigns based on its well-honed strategic planning and quality processes.


Our Future

In 2016, a new executive team took the reigns, bringing with them solid entrepreneurial, investor, and software experience. Recognizing a huge opportunity they started planning for the future of eCoast.

The power of the eCoast brand as a tech industry veteran is a tremendous asset. The seasoned management and sales development teams possess deep industry expertise and mastery of what it takes to bridge the gap between marketing generated leads and sales qualified opportunities. The sales development planning process is complex and pivotal to the success of any lead generation initiative. However, it is not well understood by most companies who think short-term about their sales funnel and are often driven by quantity of demand and not quality. This is compounded by organizational silos across sales and marketing teams and processes within the enterprise making it difficult to measure ROI on sales development activities. In short, nobody knows what happens to the leads.

The eCoast team is transforming the sales development process to address these gaps and build a technology-enabled, fully integrated managed services company for sales and marketing teams and their channel partners in the SMB and Enterprise tech market space.

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