AVI Polycom Landing Page Example AVI Polycom Landing Page - An example of a landing page/inbound marketing campaign for Polycom partner AVI Systems.
Email Sample - Email marketing campaigns can successfully complement outbound sales development calling campaigns.
IDT Infographic Onbase by Hyland IDT Whitepaper - View a sample white paper produced for IDT, an Onbase by Hyland partner. Content Marketing utilizes original content to generate website traffic and sales leads.
AVI Polycom Whitepaper Example AVI Whitepaper - It’s impossible to eliminate or avoid all unwanted noise in a meeting, or impose a code of silence on participants who aren’t speaking.
ImageSoft Hyland Case Study Hyland Imagesoft Travis County - Customer case studies are powerful sales and marketing tools. eCoast Marketing produced a case study for Hyland Software partner ImageSoft.
Kiriworks Case Study | eCoast Marketing Kiriworks Case Study - Case studies, like this example from Kiriworks, are powerful marketing tools since they tell a story from the customer's perspective.
VMware Infographic | eCoast Marketing VMWARE infographic - VMware asked eCoast Marketing to create an Infographic to demonstrate how companies can secure and manage their mobile fleets without outsourcing.
LBMC OnBase Infographic LBMC Infographic - This infographic for LBMC is an example of how infographics can be used for demand generation programs that focus on driving social media engagement.