Intel Partner Enablement Case Study - Intel and a major distributor asked eCoast Marketing to recruit partners into a new channel marketing initiative, educate the partners, and generate new business opportunities.
Case Study: Insight Technologies - Insight Technologies was looking for a way to expand their contacts, influence future sales, and grow their business as efficiently as possible.
A Sales Development Guide for Growing Technology Organizations - This sales development guide will help sales executives of growing technology companies make informed decisions about their sales development program in a market that is saturated with options.              
Event Planning 101: A Guide to Designing and Planning a Winning Event - Your event or seminar is going to help build awareness and add value, meaning, and understanding to your products and solutions. If done right, it will also lead to new customers.
Account-Based Marketing - Our pragmatic approach to ABM not only yields higher performance than typical campaigns, but helps penetrate difficult accounts for your sales reps. When the eCoast team works with your target account list, there is a much higher degree of success.
Sales Development Services - eCoast Marketing, the leader in sales development services, brings transparency and alignment to sales and marketing teams with a singular focus on planning, generating, tracking, and measuring revenue.