eCoast Unleashes Call Blitz, A Tele-prospecting Program That Fills Sales Pipeline for IT Suppliers

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Powered By eCoast’s SalesDash Portal for Real-Time Pipeline and Call Activity Visibility

Rochester, NH – eCoast, a provider of comprehensive marketing strategies for demand generation campaigns, today introduced Call Blitz®, an intensive, high-energy tele-prospecting program that helps IT suppliers and their channel partners immediately fill the sales pipeline with sales-engagement-ready opportunities.

At the heart of an effective Call Blitz is eCoast’s exclusive SalesDash Portal™, an intuitive, easy-to-use online tracking tool. SalesDash enables easy collaboration between partners and provides real-time data for event management. The portal integrates with CRM tools, provides real-time reporting, assigns records and tracks performance.

Working together on a Call Blitz and supported by the SalesDash Portal, suppliers and channel partners are equipped to fill the pipeline while generating instant visibility among prospects. Participants will also perfect their cold calling skills and gather valuable prospect data during the event.

“There’s no more powerful way to give your sales a significant shot in the arm. The Call Blitz program is an intense, focused way to fill the pipeline with qualified leads,” said Chris Montgomery, eCoast’s chief sales and marketing officer. “The SalesDash portal makes managing the event highly efficient and seamless, with real-time visibility of your pipeline and your call activity.”

Other tools eCoast provides as part of the Call Blitz program include a prospecting list with verified contacts, training on cold calling best practices, event planning and live operational and technical support.

Call Blitz offers complete scalability. Whether it’s a localized blitz of five to 20 callers, or a national, coast-to-coast blitz involving thousands, the process and the tools work together to deliver immediate results while identifying future opportunities for both suppliers and their channel partners.

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VP Client Services
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Chris Montgomery
Chief Sales and Marketing Officer
eCoast Sales Solutions
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