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eCoast Lead Follow Up Best Practices Guide

You’ve received your first lead! Now what?

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eCoast has specialized in tele-prospecting and telemarketing services since our inception in 2000. Our thorough conversations will discover the right contact, determine business pains and set expectations for follow up, allowing you to build a relationship that can lead to sales. eCoast will ensure that your next campaign is set up for success.

Learn the Step by Step Process:

  • 1: Read the Lead Write Up
  • 2: Understand the Action Item
  • 3: Generated Interest vs. Existing Projects
  • 4: Effort is Needed
  • 5: Do they Remember?
  • 6: Refresh their Memory
  • 7: Only Fools Rush In
  • 8: Don’t Expect a Quick and Easy Sale

Why eCoast?

Experts in technology, and strongly established in the B2B world, eCoast builds relationships through outstanding customer care, by providing quality services and solutions, and by delivering measured results through proven marketing processes.

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