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Scholar Buys Case Study

The eCoast Solution

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ScholarBuys had MDF available to allocate and was introduced to eCoast through Adobe’s partner portal. Among the several services they selected, a Website Assessment was among them. The Assessment gave ScholarBuys many recommendations to help their website become a stronger lead-generation tool. Some of those were:

  • Include keyword optimization in descriptive opening paragraphs
  • Add key headlines that focus on problem-solving to draw attention to ScholarBuys academia services
  • Provide consistent navigation options site-wide
  • Add bulleted lists throughout and strategically placed calls to action

Because ScholarBuys had the marketing funds available, and were happy with their website evaluation, they decided to use eCoast’s Content Development Services to write new content for their site.

The Results

ScholarBuys has now upgraded a visually appealing website to a stronger performing one. As a result of eCoast’s Content Development Services, ScholarBuys has new SEO-rich content on each of their web pages. Great content, good keyword targeting, and smart marketing is building ScholarBuys brand as a value added reseller of academic software and hardware.

Why eCoast?

Experts in technology, and strongly established in the B2B world, eCoast builds relationships through outstanding customer care, by providing quality services and solutions, and by delivering measured results through proven marketing processes.

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