Live Lead Generation

Every relationship starts with a good conversation. Live Lead Generation, eCoast’s signature service since 2000 encompasses contact-based and targeted account-based selling to drive your revenue generation engine.


Outbound Lead Generation

How many cold calls will your sales team make?

Our sales development reps (SDRs) live and breathe lead generation with rigorous training on a variety of technologies and outreach best practices. They are masters at filling the top of the demand funnel. With proactive and disciplined outreach to targeted accounts and prospects they identify the right contacts, determine the business pains, and generate the highest quality opportunities for our direct sales and partner teams.

Inbound Lead Qualification

Time is of the essence. Qualify those inbound leads.

Inbound marketing campaigns generates leads,but if they aren’t qualified by sales, they lose their value quickly.  Research shows the first person to get in touch often gets the sale but your high-value sales resources are busy nurturing and closing. eCoast provides inbound lead qualification services to capture the best value from your inbound efforts. We can also work through backlogs of unqualified leads to discover missed opportunities. 

Account-Based Selling

Need help mapping and targeting strategic accounts?

Account-based selling requires your sales teams to identify a set of target accounts to validate, profile and engage. eCoast helps identify and map the buying groups within those organizations and then conducts a strategic and measured outreach program to penetrate and drive demand within those buying centers. Account-based selling has higher win rates and deal values and eliminates the sales and marketing divide over qualified leads.

Audience Acquisition

Tired of seeing empty seats at your customer and partner events?

Get the most out of your online and live events with audience acquisition outreach. eCoast can increase registrations and attendance rates through active engagement with target prospects. Our power dialing sales automation software can accelerate the process by two to three times. Research shows live event registration is more successful than relying on email links alone. Additional services such as post-event opportunity qualification and attendee surveys can also be provided.