eCoast Marketing services blended with our live lead generation programs ensure revenue alignment and accelerate outreach. Integrated marketing reinforces your brand message across communication media. Raising awareness and nurturing prospects in the demand funnel requires the right mix of digital and traditional marketing tactics to facilitate the sales cycle. Our experts help clients create and execute campaigns that support the buyer journey through your direct or indirect channels.


Content Development

The power of words.

Our team of copywriters and designers develop turn your technical briefs into compelling and impactful branded content that resonates with prospects. This can be in the form of additional gated content accessed through landing pages or syndicated across partner websites. All content can be built as co-branded templates available for your reseller channels to support their sales initiatives.

Email Campaigns

email is still #1 in B2B.

Our digital team stays on top of email trends and strategies to get your brand noticed in your targets prospects inbox. We turn your key messages and benefits into clever email and landing page copy worthy of opening and filling out a form. An A/B testing framework is leveraged to help validate messages and develop your buyer profiles. Execution and reporting services are included and used by our SDR team to drive strategic outreach and maximize account coverage in addition to their outbound calling activity.

Account-Based Marketing

Align your sales and marketing efforts.

When sales and marketing aren’t on the same page, it has a negative impact on revenue goals. Account-based marketing (ABM) is a set of outbound sales and marketing tactics orchestrated to penetrate a defined group of target accounts. Done right, ABM produces high conversion rates in target accounts with higher ROI and lower cost per lead. ABM is not just a strategy for net new accounts but is an effective practice for customer success and expansion.

Organic and Paid Search

Raising your profile.

The Internet is a crowded and competitive yet powerful channel. It’s critical to maximize your online visibility to generate awareness of, and interest in, your brand. When people conduct an online search, they won’t look past the first page or two of results. It’s vital to be positioned at the top of search engine results if you want to get noticed. However with search rules changing constantly and being impacted by so many external factors, it is a challenge for companies to stay on top of the rules of engagement. eCoast has organic and paid search experts solely focused on raising your online ranking and driving traffic and conversions to your site.