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Monthly Archives: June 2017

VMWARE infographic

VMware asked eCoast Marketing to create an Infographic to demonstrate how companies can secure and manage their mobile fleets without outsourcing. READ MORE

IDT Whitepaper

View a sample white paper produced for IDT, an Onbase by Hyland partner. Content Marketing utilizes original content to generate website traffic and sales leads. READ MORE

LBMC Infographic

This infographic for LBMC is an example of how infographics can be used for demand generation programs that focus on driving social media engagement. READ MORE

AVI Whitepaper

It’s impossible to eliminate or avoid all unwanted noise in a meeting, or impose a code of silence on participants who aren’t speaking. READ MORE

Kiriworks Case Study

Case studies, like this example from Kiriworks, are powerful marketing tools since they tell a story from the customer's perspective. READ MORE

Email Sample

Email marketing campaigns can successfully complement outbound sales development calling campaigns. READ MORE

5 Reasons Why B2B Sales Leads Go Missing

If you convert 25% of your B2B sales leads into opportunities, what happens to the other 75%? Many will be marked as bad leads or disqualified in the early stages of the lead generation process. Other leads will convert into opportunities, but most never leave the sales funnel. Why are these leads left behind? The growing “dead” or “dormant” lead pool is driven by 5 factors. READ MORE

Account-Based Marketing

Our pragmatic approach to ABM not only yields higher performance than typical campaigns, but helps penetrate difficult accounts for your sales reps. When the eCoast team works with your target account list, there is a much higher degree of success. READ MORE