10 Great Giveaway Ideas That Leave an Impact


Every conference provides the required pens and notepads for event attendees, but what can you do to make your next event even more memorable? Below are some ideas from our event marketing team.

Personalized Gift Bag for Giveaways

Trade show giveaway bags are the staple of every marketing event. Giveaway bags are often distributed by event sponsors to their attendees upon arrival to the show and contain literature, samples, and giveaway items. Even though they are one of the most common giveaway items, giveaway bags are quite popular. Event marketers can take the extra step to personalize the bags by marketing persona or even create unique bags for each attendee.

Eco-Friendly Items

Eco-friendly items like water bottles, reusable shopping bags, and items made from recyclable products are popular giveaway items in the high-technology sector. For example, notepads and pens made from bamboo and reclaimed paper make nice looking giveaways. They also communicate the message that your company is concerned about the environment. If you are putting on a small event, like a lunch-and-learn or an executive briefing, you can personalize each item too.

New Technology (i.e., Alexa or drones)

Technology items generate lots of buzz and excitement. Internet of Things (IoT) or connected devices like Amazon Alexa/Echo or Google Home make great raffle giveaways. If your company has software that can be controlled by one of these devices your booth sales personnel can have a lot of fun doing crazy things. Drones seem to be everywhere these days. Mini-drones can be personalized with your company logo and full-size drones can be used as a raffle prize. Beware that cool products are often short-lived fads, so don’t get caught with large inventories of last year’s coolest product.

Personalized Gifts

Imagine giving every user conference attendee their own personal giveaway. 3D printing technology keeps getting better and less expensive. Personalized products like cell phone cases, key chains, can be created from different materials including plastics, carbon-fiber, ceramics, or even metal using 3D printing. If you have the creative skills, and the budget, you can even purchase your own desktop-sized 3D printer and design software and create your own items.

Quality Wearables

Everybody is counting steps with their wearable fitness device, right? Who isn’t running up and down the office stairs at lunch or making one more lap around the ball field while their child is playing ball? Wearable devices are smart, engaging, and make great gifts for your next corporate event.

Unique Phone Apps or Games

If Mobile Apps your customer is tuned in to the latest mobile apps, then developing your own custom app can be a pretty cool giveaway or gift. You can purchase and re-brand existing apps, hire a custom developer, or even do it yourself. A couple of tips, leave yourself plenty of time to develop the app (a minimum of three to six months), educate yourself on the requirements of both Google Play (Android apps) and App Store or iTunes apps. Then test, test, test before you deploy.

Glow in the Dark Giveaways

Light up your next post-show party or networking event with glow-in-the-dark wearables. They are inexpensive, come in lots of different shapes and colors, and can be ordered in large variety packs.

USB Charger

Who doesn’t need an extra USB phone charger? Just ask anybody coming by your booth at the next mega trade show event. Provide an extra jolt of excitement by providing a recharging station (two or three comfy chairs, a table, and a USB hub) in your booth.

Personalized Candy

Giving away candy at a trade show booth is not a new idea. What is new is personalizing the candy (or candy labels) for your customers or event attendees. For instance, you could emboss your company’s logo in a silky, milk chocolate bar or print your new big client’s name on an over-sized Hershey’s bar.

Audio devices (speakers, headphones, earbuds)

How many times did you wish you had a pair of earbuds handy on an airplane flight? Personalized earbuds and headphones will always be used and appreciated by your frequent flyer customers. Portable Bluetooth speakers are also hot this year.

Tara Phillips