8 Questions to Ask a Sales Development Outsourcing Company

Fast growing technology companies rely on their sales development team to generate revenue and growth. A successful sales organization relies on high quality leads to support this growth. Failure to meet expectations can leave a company stuck in the trenches.

Managing and growing an internal sales development team can be very challenging. One option available to sales leaders is to outsource some or all of their sales development needs.

This article reviews 8 questions sales leaders should ask when evaluating sales development outsourcing companies.

  1. What is their industry knowledge and references? Is the vendor familiar with your industry and can they provide multiple references to back up their claims?

  2. Does the vendor offer strategic planning? Is the vendor a service bureau or do they act as a strategic advisor sharing best practices and advice?

  3. Can the sales development vendor provide multiple deliverables? Does the vendor provide more than one deliverable (appointments, leads, and intelligence) without charging more money? What is their knowledge of local language and culture? Is the vendor familiar with your local culture and can they provide services regionally for global campaigns?

  4. Does the vendor offer multi-touch campaigns? Can the vendor provide multiple services, so you do not have to coordinate activities with multiple partners? This service may include email, content marketing, data intelligence, market research and more.

  5. Do they use sales automation technology? Can the vendor deliver higher throughput and reduce delivery times with technology? Can they integrate with your CRM? Can the vendor deliver leads directly to your CRM?

  6. Are the sales development reps experienced? Are the vendor’s SDRs experienced with the types of campaigns you need to deliver?

  7. Can you get a pilot or trial program? Does the vendor offer a pilot program or trial period?

  8. What kind of reporting and analytics do they offer? Can the vendor provide reporting on a variety of KPIs to help you understand the quality of your data and demonstrate which campaigns are yielding the highest results?

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Mark Lynch