Generate Better Sales Opportunities With a Targeted Account Strategy

Generate more high-quality leads with an account-based marketing strategy.

Account-based marketing (ABM) is a business strategy that brings together sales, marketing, and operations to identify and market to a defined group of customers. ABM can be used to expand business within existing accounts, or provide targeted campaigns to generate business from new accounts.

How Account-based Marketing Works

Sales and marketing teams, with the support of senior management, define a set of high-value accounts to focus on. Marketing then collects market intelligence on those key accounts and develops unique strategies for each account.

Essentially, with ABM-based selling, you add a thorough account profile for a specific subset of accounts for lead generation activities. This profile includes identifying the individuals within the account buying group, interviews with the buyers, an understanding of the relevant installed equipment/services, and an outline of the competitive framework.

Benefits of Account-based Marketing

Higher Return with Better Account Intelligence

Detailed account research with valuable intelligence collected on the buying groups within the set of target accounts provides the sales team with greater insights and understanding of key accounts. This empowers account teams and fosters confident selling because they can anticipate needs and develop deeper relationships to further expand account revenues.

Stronger Alignment Between Sales and Marketing

The intent of ABM is to drive high performance campaigns that directly align with sales. Unlike traditional contact based or criteria-based marketing lead generation approaches, ABM focuses on profiling and penetrating a group of accounts specifically identified by sales. This builds credibility with your sales team because they have input into the target audience and it puts them in the best position to connect and close business. It also virtually eliminates the debate over qualified leads.

Deliver More to Sales

A 2016 study by the ITSMA, the industry group that coined the term ABM, reports that 84% of marketers who utilize ABM report a higher ROI than other marketing programs. In addition, ABM campaigns deliver significantly higher closed deal values than traditional lead-based marketing efforts. Account nurturing tactics move prospects through the buy cycle and yield more sales-ready opportunities.

Interested in learning more? At eCoast, our pragmatic approach to ABM not only yields higher performance than typical campaigns, but helps penetrate difficult accounts for your sales reps. When the eCoast team works with your target account list, their is a much higher degree of success. Contact us to find out how we can help get your ABM strategy started.

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