The Benefits of Re-engaging Old Sales Leads by Telephone

It is common practice for B2B companies to use marketing automation software to automatically contact and nurture unqualified or dormant sales leads. Still, after numerous emails, many sales leads do not respond or participate in email campaigns. What can sales development representatives (SDRs) do to help move the process along?

Nothing Replaces a Live Conversation

The only way to properly qualify the lead is by talking with the person “live” on the phone. Besides converting that lead into a sales opportunity, what other benefits can your business receive by reaching out to these missing leads and having a live conversation You can learn so much more about a prospect and their business needs as compared to just pushing information out and scoring online interactions. People buy from people and more importantly people and companies they like and relate to. Live conversations are an opportunity to put a human face on your brand.


Your original sales lead may not be the correct decision maker or part of the buying group, but there is a great possibility they might be a key influencer or can point you in the right direction. Live lead services can help you not only identify the key buying team but also help you learn more about their business challenges to help move the sales process along.

Update Contact Information

Keeping your CRM data fresh will help your marketing team maintain high email delivery rates, and in turn, help your sales development team to have higher conversation rates. Conducting regular data cleansing campaigns will improve your overall marketing productivity and effectiveness.

Introduce New Products or Promotions

In many cases, sales leads are generated to support a particular product launch or event. If the product your campaign is promoting does not match your buyer’s expectations or needs at that time, the lead may be prematurely disqualified. Touching base with this lead when a new product is launched or with information relevant to their business is a great way to demonstrate that your company is listening and paying attention to customers in order to provide the right solutions.

Gain Competitive Insights

Does “Closed Lost” remove the lead or opportunity from future marketing efforts? If it does, then you may be missing out on gaining a lot of competitive and market information. While, gathering this data may be a market research task, and not a high priority for sales, it can be highly impactful on future sales. This is especially true if your business sells a subscription-based solution or a product with a short lifecycle. If your competition isn’t doing a great job of customer support, training, or after-sales service, reminding the buyer they have alternatives keeps the door open for future opportunities.

To learn more about re-engaging sales leads by telephone and live lead generation services, download the eCoast Marketing white paper How to Breathe New Life into Your B2B Lead Generation Campaigns.

Geoffrey Palmer