Short-term tactical campaigns to jump-start your sales pipeline.

The eCoast brand was built around a campaign services model targeting leading enterprise technology companies and their channel partners. Now our comprehensive suite of campaign services covers a range of lead generation and marketing tactics to help small-medium sized businesses, as well as enterprise organizations and their partners, execute a winning demand generation strategy.

A campaign-based approach allows sales and marketing to ramp up and down easily based on their needs and budget. It is also a great opportunity to test before investing in a longer-term engagement with a new partner.



What type of campaign can we manage for you?


Managing Surplus Demand

Demand marketers periodically have a surge of activity that brings in a surplus of inbound leads their inside teams just can’t get to. Or, perhaps their field sales team has not adequately nurtured the lead. We take the load off so to speak and ensure timely follow up and coverage.


Performance Benchmarking

Sales executives periodically want to benchmark their inside teams to see how they are performing against an outsourced model or to test their current sales development partner in a bake-off scenario to keep everyone on their toes.


Audience Acquisition

Last but not least, our sales development services are brought in to save the day on a dying event utilizing our audience acquisition services to drive attendance and follow up on the post-event leads to maximize the investment in time and money.

Dead Leads.png

Dead Leads Campaign

At least twice a year large enterprises need to clean their database of dead leads. This flushes out dormant prospects and refreshes their prospect data to breathe new life into their demand generation programs. Implementing a campaign with bad data will yield little ROI.