Many of our clients see a 100% increase in their sales development output when they outsource to eCoast.

eCoast provides SMB and Enterprise clients outsourced sales development services, acting as an extension of your team to develop and nurture leads over the long-term.

Sales development sits between the marketing team that develops brand recognition for a vast group of potentially interested parties, and sales, which focuses its valuable time on the likeliest buyers. Sales Development increases the speed and volume of highly-qualified prospects for your sales force by using a disciplined multi-touch outreach cadence across the mass of potential buyers the marketing team has identified.

SDR specialization is a challenge for many companies because it requires strong management to coach and train the team. Because most organizations use SDRs as the training ground for promotion to sales reps they see a constant rate of churn and low productivity. In contrast, eCoast’s SDRs stay in that position two to three times longer than industry norms, gaining additional expertise and experience as SDRs. This makes eCoast SDRs more effective than in-house teams.

We use a methodical approach to build a custom solution tailored to your business and your market including:

  • Strategic planning

  • Target market definition and development of buyer personas

  • Creation of a Sales Development Playbook

  • Design of a multi-touch outbound sales and marketing strategy to go after target markets

  • Coordination of inbound lead follow up based on lead scoring

  • Identification of key prospecting and market intelligence questions

  • A dedicated Execution Team

  • Program manager, sales development representatives, and sales enablement specialist

  • Two-step quality assurance process with lead write-up and monitoring

  • Sales operations support to enable closed-loop reporting

  • Performance monitoring and benchmarking

  • Weekly and monthly reporting and analytics

  • Quarterly business reviews and planning