Honed over nearly two decades of working with B2B clients, our Sales Development Methodology blends the best of lead and account-based marketing that generates results.


As part of our pre-sales process, we conduct a one-hour needs analysis session to ensure alignment with our process and services. Clients with a complex, multi-step sales process, needing to engage a range of influencers and stakeholders in the buying journey, are an ideal fit for our sales development programs. Regardless of whether you are an SMB or enterprise organization we want to understand the gaps and pains in your current sales and marketing mix. We lay the foundation for success with a discussion about your revenue goals and your ideal customer and buyer profiles. The data collected during the needs analysis session becomes the foundation of the sales development program we recommend to you. This analysis also helps us set the initial performance benchmarks for the program.


The first step in our onboarding phase is an in-depth client strategy and development session. This is designed to validate what we learned during the needs analysis phase and dig further into your business goals, value proposition, and target markets and buyers. After this strategy meeting, your assigned eCoast sales enablement and program management team kicks off the design and build process of the engagement. Typically this is a 30 to 45-day timeline where we focus on developing your targeted account lists and create a sales development playbook with an embedded talk track and multi-touch outreach cadence to guide the SDR outreach. In addition, we work through what success looks like for your sales organization and executive team and synchronize the logistics for effective and efficient lead handoff with closed-loop reporting. Finally, we train your dedicated sales development team and build an integrated marketing plan if needed to support the engagement.

Execution &

Your program manager with the support of sales enablement and a team leader executes the integrated, multi-touch sales outreach program and monitors performance benchmarks against goals through weekly and monthly reporting across a range of analytics. The SDR team receives ongoing sales coaching through bi-weekly sales huddles with client and internal strategy sessions enabling the team to engage and further nurture a pipeline of opportunities for your sales team. All outreach calls are recorded, reviewed and archived for clients and sales opportunities are vetted through our 2-step QA process to ensure all lead criteria are met before released to you for follow up or a meeting. Once approved, a lead is passed with a comprehensive write up outlining the details of the conversation.


For managed services engagements, once the validation period is complete, the eCoast and client team meets for a strategic business review. The goal is to analyze key performance indicators and review metrics across titles, functional areas, industries, market segments and other potential influencers. Once qualitative and quantitative insights are completed and evaluated, program benchmarks and strategy are revised to support the Committed Services implementation phase. This may include addition or subtraction of a market or buyer persona based on engagement data collected.

SDR Team

For every engagement whether it is a short-term campaign or longer-term managed services initiative, eCoast provides a Program Manager, Sales Development Rep team sized to meet the time frame and sales goals of the program and a sales enablement specialist to develop messaging and integrated marketing support. Sales operations support may be added to enable closed-loop reporting and manage lead entry into your CRM system. Where appropriate, eCoast may also assign an ADR (account development rep) to research and identify the key characteristics of your buyers and buying groups in large enterprise accounts without sacrificing the efficiency of a dedicated outbound calling SDR.